Understanding CBD Dosage

Everyone has an individual sweet spot. That’s why we recommend people to start slow, go slow, and listen to your body.

Everyone’s journey on CBD is unique, but a good place to start is on a low dose and work your way up, increasing the dose week by week until you get the results you’re after. (otherwise known as the up-titration method)

If you feel you want to move up in dose faster, or perhaps a little slower than this, just listen to your
body and up-titrate in the way that feels best for you.

As you start to understand CBD and its effects in your body, you may decide that your dose may need to change throughout the day.

It can take a few days to feel the effects so we recommend maintaining your dose for a few days before changing it.

Still unsure about where to start? Join our Canadian Blends Defence Instagram Community Page here and speak to our members about their experiences.

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